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I’ve been receiving counselling from Peter for around 2 months. He has helped me greatly with various issues and has helped build my confidence, low self esteem & made me feel in a much better place. Peter is very professional and obviously discreet but very easy to talk and open up to. Break the stigma of depression.....the hardest part is admitting ‘I need help’ and finding the right help. It’s definitely good to talk and I 100% recommend Peter as the first step to helping yourself to a better quality of life .

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I had been thinking for years that I needed to speak with someone . It took an extremely difficult time in work for me to realise that I needed to do something for myself . Meeting Peter was my first step to realising that I was ok and there was a reason for why I dealt with situations in the way I did, he is so easy to speak with and made me feel totally at ease . I’m still a work in progress but my life is changing for the better. Taking that first step was the best decision I made .

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With the help of Peter I was able to see the events in my life in a different perspective.
He listened. I felt safe and able to discuss anything regardless of how painful
I didn't feel judged or ashamed and with his patient honest and open approach I was able to learn from my past and find coping strategies to enable me to overcome challenges I face instead of being overwhelmed.
I began to look forward to my future instead of over my shoulder at my past

Why Counselling ?

Sometimes we reach a point in our life where we feel some things need to change. The destructive behaviours, feelings and thoughts we find ourselves repeating, or the situations we find difficult or unbearable. Counselling enables you to identify, process and alleviate such issues  

How Does Counselling Work?

Counselling provides a safe, non-judgemental and confidential space to examine life issues and gain a clearer understanding of the catalysts that give rise to them. The counselling process empowers the client, enabling them to discover their own solutions

less anxiety
greater self confidence
stress relief
regaining emotional balance
      regaining emotional balance
     better        relationships
             trauma resolution
  increased     assertiveness

  Some of          the benefits of  counselling




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